La joie de vivre!
Because expectation leads to disappointment. Let’s live in a dreamland and never come back to reality :)
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Every single part of me
Is full of possibilities
My tired eyes are blinking in the glare
If you and I should make out too
We’re drunk and have to both come up for air

Rolled up socks and empty hall
Will a game called football
Only goal I ever really scored
The truth is I can climb a tree
Joked about our history
And Melanie

I love this better than anything
I love this – everything falls apart
Can you mend my broken heart
Cause I love this

Where we are survivors roll
The tiny bets we pay a toll
Every single second of the youth
It’s just another secret in
The rusty confused version of the truth

I’ll put it in perspective
If you’re feeling too reflective
Just bones of us from a of why you are
Have you seen the beauty in
The chaos that surrounds you like the stars

Truthfully our love is like a dyslexic
Upside down and back and front couldn’t fix it
Of every heart I loved is gonna love a lot of things
Well this time – don’t let me down

You know, i never like to tell anybody about my past. That is something has passed, and i don’t live for the past. I live in the present and for the future.

What people do aren’t always the same as the action.

Orang-orang terlalu banyak memikirkan sesuatu dan hanya bisa mengatakan sesuatu yang tidak penting. 

"There’s so many people who can talk and talk and talk and just say nothing, or nearly nothing"

Kenapa mereka hanya bisa banyak berbicara tanpa mengerti apa yang mereka bicarakan? Kenapa mereka selalu menyalahkan keadaan tanpa memperbaiki keadaan? Kenapa mereka selalu melihat sisi negatif dari setiap permasalahan, tanpa melihat sisi positif dan tidak bisa mencari solusinya. 

Terlalu banyak mencari perkara, tanpa membereskan permasalahan yang ada. 

Hanya menambah beban dunia. 


Permasalahan dunia sudah sangat banyak, lalu apa yang akan terjadi kalau orang-orang tidak pernah bisa memberikan solusi atau jalan keluar.

Berdamailah dengan hati sendiri, coba lihat ke cermin. Apa yang sebenarnya sudah kita lakukan terhadap dunia? Apakah tindakan kita hanyalah menambah beban dunia? atau mengurangi beban dunia?

Ya. Tanya saja sendiri. 

You know what, i don’t like talking about past. It’s passed, and we no longer live in the past, we live in the present and for future. That’s why i don’t like talking about what’s passed
  • Dhilla: you speak so rapid in french. I can't understand you
  • Adrien: to able to speak french you have to eat the words. Like je ne sais pas you should say it 'je sais pas'
There was a new guy in town
He had it all figured out
Well I’ll state something rash
He had the most amazing smile
I bet you didn’t expect that
He made me changed my ways
With eyes like sunset
And legs that went on for days
The Maine (Into your arms)
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