by wildorange55

"See you later in France"

"I’m sad"
"Why are you sad? Nothing is making you sad" he said, looked at my eyes so deeply.
"You’re leaving tomorrow. And i didn’t make it up. I didn’t take my chances to you back then. I’m Sorry"
"Don’t be, it’s okay Dhilla. I’ll see you later in France. I hope to see you again in France. You and your master degree and your new life in there"
"Wait for me. So, take care of yourself"
*smile* “I will. And take

care of yourself as well. But when you come to France then i will take care of you Dhilla”


"Message me on facebook or something" he said.
"I will."

There he goes. I’ll see you someday in France Adrien Eram. I’m going to miss you so much :’)

My new note!!! :)

YOT notes - butterfly, the struggle makes you beautiful

Don’t you get tired when someone’s staring you down?
Well, never let them underestimate you over things they have NOW. Cause you may not know what will happen later on, they might lose what they have or you’ll have something better than theirs. Be you, and let them know that.
Sometimes their words are harsh and hurt your feeling. But just keep the faith, life goes on. And be positive instead of complaining what you don’t have.
Be sincere. It’s easier said than done, i know that. But, just try harder. Let the world know your positive aura, it will radiate outwards.
Gak perlulah mereka tahu tujuan kamu sebenarnya. Cukup kamu aja yang tahu. And prove it! Show them.


Fadhilla Sandra A. (August 23, 2014)

Bilal - Butterfly

How long do you crawl through the world?
Through muck and mire used to
We’re all in pain.
Made you strong, ohh
Did you ever get tired to wait, yeah
In your shell anticipate.
Old soul.
Be born again.

You were born to fly.
When you’re not so shy.
When you’re ready, you’re ready, ohh
Angels smile
Bloom to bloom
Through and through
A colour blue
The morning dew
A summer kiss

The struggle makes you beautiful
The struggle makes you fly
Spread your wings and be new again.

The struggle makes you beautiful
The struggle makes you fly
Spread your wings and renew again.

Bisous de tata pour anita (red:tante)

Selfie telah ditularkan ke ponakan
Me: touchez anita! Touchez le blanc


first flowers. (by Moni)


Nat King Cole

elise white